Friday, January 25, 2013

Advocacy Opportunity

Recently one of the Virginia House of Representatives' subcommittees unanimously voted against HB 1375 - Virginia Restroom Access Act thereby killing the bill. Please read the bill and if you're in agreement that individuals with medicals issues like ourselves should be granted the right to use a restroom when required, please contact the delegates of the subcommittee and let them know how you feel about their unanimous decision to deny restroom access to individuals with bowel diseases.

First contact Delegate Krupicka and thank him for introducing the Restroom Access Act:
Delegate K. Rob Krupicka
(D) - House District 45
(804) 698-1045

Then contact these delegates and let them know how denial of restroom access affects you and others with bowel diseases:
Virginia House of Delegates
Committee for Courts of Justice
Sub-Committee: #2 Civil

Delegate Salvatore R. Iaquinto, Chair
(R) - House District 84
(804) 698-1084

Delegate Terry G. Kilgore
(R) - House District 1
(804) 698-1001

Delegate G. Manoli Loupassi
(R) - House District 68
(804) 698-1068

Delegate Gregory D. Habeeb
(R) - House District 8
(804) 698-1008

Delegate Peter F. Farrell
(R) - House District 56
(804) 698-1056

Delegate J. Randall Minchew
(R) - House District 10
(804) 698-1010

Delegate Joseph P. Johnson, Jr.
(D) - House District 4
(804) 698-1004

Delegate David J. Toscano
(D) - House District 57
(804) 698-1057

Delegate Jennifer L. McClellan
(D) - House District 71
(804) 698-1071
And if that alone wasn't enough to rile you up. Read this article about the bill and contact the journalist to share how bowel diseases and denial of restroom access affects you and others at

Your efforts inconjunction with hundreds of others will make the difference in education and advocating for awareness, understanding, research, treatment and equality. If you are aware of other similar actions discriminating against individuals with medical conditions, please notify me so that we can all work together to raise awareness and advocate for fair treatment.

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